Employee Data Privacy Policy

1. Personal & Pay Info, Benefits,Career Center

Employee Self Service (ESS)

View my pay statement, tax information
Update my home address, E-mail address
Review the Employee Handbook
Change my emergency contacts
Enroll in/change benefits, direct deposit
Change HSA account contribution
Update my life insurance beneficiary
Internal Career Center
Payroll Garnishment Services Phone and Website:
1-866-324-5191 https://garnishments.adp.com

2. Healthcare & HSA Balance

Find a healthcare provider
View HSA account balance
Review a healthcare claim
Access special offers
Phone: 1-888-523-5918

Direct access to Mellon Bank HSA Account

3. Dental

Review a dental claim
Find a dental provider
Download a claim form
Phone: 1-800-524-0149

4. Retirement Plan

Access my retirement account
Change my account contribution and/or beneficiary
Phone: 1-800-523-1188
Plan Number:  091869

5. Vision

Find a local provider
Review services
Phone: 1-866-723-0513

6. Prescriptions

Access your prescription account
Refill a mail-order prescription
Locate a pharmacy
Price a Medication
Phone: 1-800-903-8328

7. Personal, Confidential Assistance

Request help with a personal problem
Request legal or financial advice
Access discount shopping (Spendless)
Phone: 1-800-865-1044




8a. Life, Family Life, AD&D, Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary Accident & Critical Illness Insurance
Phone: 1-800-635-5597

Life, Family Life, A&D Insurance
Phone: 1-800-421-0344


8b. Disability

Short Term Disability, Phone: 1-800-898-2458
Long Term Disability, Phone: 1-800-752-9713

9a. Kimball Email & Remote Access 

Access my Kimball Email Only - Exchange 2007
Access my Kimball Email Only - Exchange 2013

Access Office 365 Collaboration Portal

Access Kimball Network via PhoneFactor
Manage my PhoneFactor Account


9b. Travel

(Concur app)
Access my Business Travel Portal

Plan Leisure Travel


9c. Collaboration & Networking Tools
      Office 365