Employee Data Privacy Policy

1. Personal & Pay Info, Benefits,Career Center

Employee Self Service (ESS)
For access to pay statements through June 9, 2015.

Dependent Verification Services: 1-800-553-3823

2. Healthcare & HSA Balance

Find a healthcare provider
View HSA account balance
Review a healthcare claim
Access special offers
Phone: 1-888-523-5918

Direct access to Mellon Bank HSA Account

3. Dental

Review a dental claim
Find a dental provider
Download a claim form
Phone: 1-800-524-0149

4. Retirement Plan

Access my retirement account
Change my account contribution and/or beneficiary
Phone: 1-800-523-1188
Plan Number:  091869

5. Vision

Find a local provider
Review services
Phone: 1-866-723-0513

6. Prescriptions

Access your prescription account
Refill a mail-order prescription
Locate a pharmacy
Price a Medication
Phone: 1-800-903-8328

7. Personal, Confidential Assistance

Request help with a personal problem
Request legal or financial advice
Access discount shopping (Spendless)
Phone: 1-855-229-7820




8a. Life, Family Life, AD&D, Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary Accident & Critical Illness Insurance
Phone: 1-800-635-5597

Life, Family Life, A&D Insurance
Phone: 1-800-421-0344


8b. Disability

Short Term Disability, Phone: 1-800-898-2458
Long Term Disability, Phone: 1-800-752-9713

9a. Kimball Email & Remote Access 

Access my Kimball Email Only

Access Office 365 Collaboration Portal

Access Kimball Network via MultiFactor
Manage my MultiFactor Account


9b. Travel

(Concur app)
Access my Business Travel Portal

Plan Leisure Travel


9c. Collaboration & Networking Tools
      Office 365